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In every glass the taste of ancient traditions

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Wine Company

Corte Fornello joined in the search for ancient values, is poured into the loving care of the vineyard, into the work of the winemaker and finds deep roots in the history and continuity of a family that looks towards a future and is sensitive to the needs of modern times.

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Behold the sun's heat, which becometh wine, Joined to the juice that from the vine distils. Dante Alighieri
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From a rich territory in the Verona lands, where a wide range of unique and characteristic products is born, we offer Italian excellence and the oldest of traditions, making a wine production to be tasted together with other agricultural products of our territory. Immerse yourself in a full experience, enjoy an aperitif surrounded by the best company and discover products made with passion from natural materials and traditional winemaking methods.

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Local area

In the Veneto region, near Verona and Peschiera, leaving Lake Garda behind and following the path of the Mincio, after a short ride, you will arrive among the ancient vestiges of Valeggio Sul Mincio, a town perched on gentle hills and caressed by light breezes...

Landscape and nature
Recipes and typical dishes
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Wine Tasting

A "full immersion" in the wine’s world and its culture, where you will learn the processes of wine making and understand how to taste the quality wines of our territory, accompanied by appetizers and typical local products of the Valeggio sul Mincio town. An experience suitable for all ages, in which the owner and enologist will accompany you throughout the guided tour and wine tastings. Book your visit and become a connoisseur of typical wines together with the explanations of Ivano Venturelli, enologist of our winery.

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Learn About True Italian Recipes

Book and enjoy knowing the true Italian culture of eating well, that of the past, in Corte Fornello it never fails. An activity where you will learn authentic recipes handed down from generation to generation typical of the Valeggio Sul Mincio and Verona regions. Dive into this adventure and get a guided tour of our cellar and vines landscape too. A trip you will never forget.

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