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A company born from a love for tradition.

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An area rich in nature and high enogastronomy quality

Following the ancient wine traditions, Corte Fornello produces an excellent product full of the richness of the Veronese land. We are an attentive company, aware of the needs of the palate and for this reason we offer a wide range of products and services that will make you taste the best wines of the Valeggio sul Mincio area. An intense and refreshing wine served directly from our barrels, stored in the cellar until the perfect flavor is achieved.

We are the ones who grow, harvest and prepare each bottle with love and passion. A bottle born from the natural fermentation of grapes, cultivated by the consummate hands of those who love the products of the earth. At Corte Fornello we have always dreamed of giving the world the opportunity to enjoy the emotions and experiences that we ourselves feel, so now, thanks to our work, we are able to offer you excellent wines and the most special experiences.

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Do you know our wine products?

We currently have a large number of different services that will allow you to taste our wines and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Our only physical point of sale is located in the company itself, located on the “Fornello” outskirts of Valeggio sul Mincio.

In our shop you will find personalized service to every customer. We care about each of you and make you feel at home. In addition to our wines we have other products available such as olive oil, grappa, pomace-based cosmetics and various services such as wooden gift boxes or personalized labels for events. We prepare outdoor tastings with a wide variety of wines (young, reserve, superior, sparkling and local wines) and an interesting tourist activity to learn about the most typical Veronese recipes.

Even if you can't physically come to enjoy the beauty of the Valeggian landscape, you can still enjoy our products served right to your table. At Corte Fornello we strive to achieve universal distribution of our products. For this, we currently have agents working in the cities of Milan, Verona and other cities. We also ship to Germany, France, Austria and Italy through our online store and thanks to other distributors you can contact us to place orders from anywhere in the European Union and abroad.

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vino degustazione, cellar, sightseeing verona, ecotourism, trip Verona, travel verona, degustazione Lago Di Garda

Our eco-sustainable culture

Corte Fornello has always worked to preserve nature and especially the environment that surrounds us. The human impact on nature has been very strong in recent decades, so over the years and the development of new technologies, our eco-sustainable footprint has increased. From the countryside to the winemaking process to the final product.

We are concerned every day to ensure in the future our next generations obtain the same amount of resources by paying attention to environmental awareness. For this reason, at Corte Fornello we carry out a series of practices that promote a low environmental impact.

We cultivate and fight for the preservation of flora and fauna within the vineyards, we collect rainwater to irrigate the surrounding gardens, we opt for renewable energies generated by photovoltaic panels reducing CO2 emissions and, above all, we opt for sustainable packaging, reducing the amount of glass needed by using lighter bottles and recycled materials.

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A journey along the
Mincio River to discover landscapes, tradition and history.

Surrounded by vineyards

In the Veneto region, near the city of Verona and Peschiera, leaving Lake Garda behind and following the Mincio path, after a short journey you will arrive, among the ancient remains of Valeggio Sul Mincio, a city lying on laughing hills and caressed by gentle breezes. At the top of a hill, surrounded by a greenish freshness and overlooking the Sigurtà park, the farm "Corte Fornello" appears, where an intense sensation is born spontaneously, inspired by the purity of the land, the vineyards, the farms and the wineries. Find yourself in a seemingly new place, but with the awareness of having always lived there. Resulting in a warm and familiar experience.

A land rich in colors, aromas and flavors, where food products are intertwined with tradition and history, in harmony with the culture of other wine cities such as Bardolino, Valpolicella or Custoza, which lend their name to our products. In them you will find pleasant and easy excursions near Valeggio such as the visit of the Scaligero Castle that stands on the hill and dominates the city since the Middle Ages, the Visconteo bridge, the only one of the 3 that still exists and finally Borghetto, known as an old mill town. Admiring the sweet landscapes, we continue visiting small farms that for generations have been "taking care" of these lands, from which some of the Italian’s excellence that we love to have on our tables derive.

Here the search for millenary values ​​is poured into the loving care of the vineyard, the enologist's efforts and finds deep roots in the history and continuity of a family that projects, with the new generations, towards a future sensitive to the needs of modern times, harmoniously fusing ancient traditions and new technologies.

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Verona: A city of dreams

Barely 30 minutes away from Corte Fornello, we find in the Veneto region, the beautiful Italian city of love, Verona, where the story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet lives in its streets. Rich in monuments, palaces, squares, museums, churches and cathedrals, you can visit it throughout the year. Surrounded by hills and trapped by the meander of the Adige River, we find a tourist city with a historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, recognized for the architecture and beauty of its Renaissance buildings that rise from its crowded streets to fill the city with color and history.

The itinerary through this magical city can be immense and discovering all of its corners is a fantastic experience that will not take more than a couple of days. Even so, from Corte Fornello we want to make a brief summary with our favorite places of greatest tourist interest so that you do not miss a single detail. Starting from the majestic and immense Piazza Bra, Verona's main square, you will find at its center the Arena, the third largest amphitheater in Italy. Built with pink stone from Valpolicella, its elliptical shape can accommodate up to 20,000 spectators who attend the Opera Festival every year, transforming the amphitheater into the largest outdoor opera house in the world. Returning to Piazza Bra, we find at its back the Verona City Hall and an endless list of Renaissance buildings that house restaurants with a unique view of the square.

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Continuing through Via Mazzini, a pedestrian street classified as the most important in all of Verona, we find neoclassical buildings and the occasional church such as San Tomio. This street becomes a tourist attraction as it is filled with stores and brands offering all kinds of luxury items that hypnotize the passerby. Follow this route to Piazza Erbe, considered one of the most beautiful squares in all of Italy and known to be built on the ancient Roman forum. Surrounded by majestic buildings such as Palazzo della Ragione, Case Mazzanti, or Palazzo Maffei you will find a multitude of incredible frescoes that served as decorations for the palaces of the richest people. From this square you can see the Torre dei Lamberti, an 84 meter tower that will allow you a panoramic view of the city of Verona, or Porta Borsari, a magnificent Roman gate that was once the main entrance to the city and still stands today despite the passing of centuries.

Near Piazza Erbe, walking along Via Cappello, we will find on the left the jewel of Verona, Juliet's house. In the courtyard there are some walls full of declarations of love and a statue of the beloved Juliet. An ancient legend says that the person who touches her breasts will return to the city with the love of his life, so you will find countless people taking a picture next to this precious statue, wishing that the legend will be fulfilled. Inside Juliet's house there is a museum that will tell in detail the story of the most important Italian novel and will allow tourists to go up to Juliet's balcony to enjoy the full experience.

Vino degustazione Verona, Vino degustazione economica, experience Verona, activity Verona, guided tour Verona
Vino degustazione Valeggio, experience Valeggio, activity Valeggio, guided tour Valeggio

On the banks of the river Adige we find the Castelvecchio castle where we can find a museum about the city of Verona. This building, built in the mid-fourteenth century, served as a defense of the city in medieval times. Connecting both banks, at the foot of the Castelvecchio castle we find the Scaligero bridge, a huge and famous bridge characterized by small red bricks. Once the Adige river is crossed we find the ancient Roman theater of Verona where every summer is held the festival dedicated to Shakespearean theater. Behind it we will find some old stairs that will take us to the best panoramic view we can see in Verona. The stairs go up the hill and take us to Castel di San Pietro to make us enjoy a unique romantic atmosphere accompanied by an image of the whole city of Verona.

One of the tourist attractions in Italy are its churches and cathedrals. In Verona we can find many of them among its streets, built in the past but still strong and robust. Among the most important we can find the Verona Duomo, built between the ruins of two early Christian churches that were then dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolare. Inside we can find the famous artistic work of Titian's Assumption and during your visit you can access the bathroom of San Giovanni in Fonte, where a baptismal font carved entirely in marble will capture all our attention.

One of the most important ecclesiastical places you can visit in Verona is the San Zeno’s Basilica, where you will find walls completely made of marble and especially a rose window with "The Wheel of Fortune", which represents the six phases of human life and the futility of material joys.

Finally, one of the most important monuments of the city of Verona, Juliet's tomb, located in the former convent of San Francesco al Corso, where the respect and history of lovers will persist in the memory of the city