Garganega 100%


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Garganega 100%

Type of soil: Rich in skeletal material, typical of the Morainic Hills
Harvest: September
Yield per hectare: 70 HL
Vinification: Maceration on the skins at a low temperature for 12/24 hours. The 50% is fermented and aged in barrique, the other 50% aged in steel barrels for 5/6 months

Colour: Straw yellow
Aroma: Acacia flowers, white fruit, peach and apple
Tasting notes:  Soft, balanced by a fresh acidity with citrus hints of pineapple and grapefrui

Serving suggestion: First courses, white meat, fish
Alcohol by volume: 12,5%vol

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Garganega, just like Corvina Veronese IGT, is an autochthonous grape of the province of Verona. Its origin would be Greek, therefore imported in Italy about 3,000 years ago. As time passed by, other similar varieties were also developed, such as the Sardinian Nuragus grape. Currently, it is a grape mainly cultivated in the province of Verona, either in blends or in purity, such as our Garganega Veronese IGT. Its vines are found with a pleasant climate and a soil rich in minerals, a proper situation to produce wines with excellent results of fruity notes such as apple or peach, and sometimes even pineapple. The harvesting of its grapes begins in September. After that, a maceration on skins is done at low temperature for about 24 hours. Then, 50% will be fermented and aged in barrique, and the remaining 50% will be aged in steel barrels for about 6 months. We obtain a pure white wine of straw yellow color with a scent of acacia flowers, soft, balanced by a fresh acidity. We suggest to match it with first courses, white meat or fish. Excellent also as aperitif.

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