Custoza pomace

15ºC - 18ºC

0,5 L


Custoza pomace

Distillation: This grappa is obtained by distilling the best pomace of Custoza in copper steam boilers with a discontinuous artisan system.

Colour: Transparent and clear
Aroma: Slightly fruity and aromatic scent reminiscent of the Custoza vineyards
Tasting notes:  Refined, gentle, non-aggressive taste leaving the mouth full of fragrant and fruity sensations

Alcohol by volume: 40,0%vol

Price : 23.00 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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The first distillation methods were born in Mesopotamia, very accurate processes which are also mentioned by alchemists from the 12th century AD. The establishment of the first distillery in Veneto, in Bassano del Grappa, started the beginning of modern distillation in Italy by introducing the steam distillation method. Grappa di Custoza, an all-Italian distillate, is produced by direct distillation of the best pomace of Custoza DOC, which are the skins of the grapes separated from the must. It takes place, slowly and gently, by means of traditional stills, where steam passes through it to extract the less volatile part and thus obtain the aromatic substances. Then, according to what you want to produce, it will be refined and aged in steel or wooden barrels, like our Grappa di Bardolino Riserva. So we can say, that it will be the type of wood, time and climatic conditions to give the different organoleptic characters. This product is dedicated to one of the twin sons of our winemaker Ivano Venturelli, with an "L" for Luca on the label.

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