Pinot Nero


6ºC - 8ºC

0,75 L - 1,5 L


Pinot Nero, Chardonnay

Type of soil: Rich in skeletal material, typical of the Morainic Hills
Harvest: August
Yield per hectare: 60 HL
Vinification: Fermentation in steel barrels at a controlled temperature. Second fermentation in the bottle for 48 months. Disgorged and set aside for 2 months

Colour: Pale straw yellow
Aroma: Typical of the classic method, bready with citrus notes
Tasting notes:  Abundant and soft fizziness with thin and lingering perlage, full and savoury taste with a good touch of tartness

Serving suggestion: Aperitifs, seafood dishes
Alcohol by volume: 12,0%vol

Price : 25.00 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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Our Spumante Brut Cuvée is produced with the famous Classic or Champenoise Method, discovered in the French region of the same name at the end of 1600's by Abbot Pierre Perignon, known as Dom Perignon. It was born last century as Champenoise Method, which outside France was rebaptized as Classic Method. Grapes used to make this white sparkling wine are harvested early and directly pressed. The must is clarified and placed in steel barrels where the first fermentation starts at a controlled temperature of 16°C-18°C. After some months, which are needed for the natural sedimentation, the wine is put in bottle with the addition of selected yeasts and sugar. Thus begins the second fermentation or "presa di spuma", at a temperature of 14°C which ensures a slow transformation of the wine into sparkling wine. The bottles are stacked on their side and left to rest. This operation for our Classic Method sparkling wine lasts 48 months. Bottles are now placed with the neck downwards on pupitres, where they gradually get more and more inclined by expert hands that move them daily in order to favor the descent of sediment up to the cork. At the end of this operation the disgorgement is done by plunging the neck of the bottle in a freezing liquid at -20° C (-4° F) in order to remove the cork which drags the frozen sediment with it. The bottle is then filled and corked. Bottles are subsequently washed and after some months of rest they are ready to be consumed. This is also the case of Spumante Cuvée Brut Rosé. We suggest to match this wonderful sparkling wine with fish dishes. Excellent also as an aperitif.



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