For those special moments that call for a 1.5 litre magnum bottle, immerse yourself in the unique experience offered by our solid pine wood case for 1 1.5L bottle. Its understated yet extraordinarily sophisticated design creates the perfect setting to highlight the grandeur of your bottle, turning every occasion into an unprecedented experience.

Material: solid pine
Dimensions: 42x13,5x13,5 cm


Refined design: the understated, timeless design of this box is designed to catch the eye without detracting from the importance of the 1.5-litre bottle inside. High-quality solid pine wood lends a natural elegance that fits into any environment.

Superior protection: the box is carefully designed to ensure that your magnum bottle is safe during transport or storage.

Memorable occasions: every magnum bottle has a special meaning, and this box makes the most of it. It is the perfect accessory for anniversary gifts, successful celebrations or simply to make a unique moment when you share a bottle of extraordinary wine with friends and family.

Price : 13.00 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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