In this solid pine wood box, grandeur merges with art to accommodate 6-litre bottles, creating an unparalleled experience. It is more than just a case; it is a statement of style and prestige that will surprise even the most discerning wine lovers. This elegant creation is designed to take your wine to the next level, whether you give it as a gift or store it with pride.

Material: solid pine
Dimensions: 65,5x20x16,5 cm


Large capacity: this box is specially designed to accommodate a 6-litre bottle, a rarity that requires a special case. Its generous capacity ensures that your Mathusalem bottle is properly protected and presented in all its glory.

Elegant handcrafted design: every aspect of this case is a celebration of high-quality craftsmanship. From the carefully selected solid pine wood to the impeccable finish, the design is elegant and exclusive, making this box a perfect complement to your fine wine.

Prestigious style statement: this box is more than a case; it is a style statement that reflects your commitment to wine excellence. When you gift this box or use it to present a 6-litre bottle on special occasions, you send a message of prestige and love of wine that will not go unnoticed.

Price : 18.00 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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