Immerse your bottles in an atmosphere of timeless elegance with our solid pine wood case for 2 x 0.75cl bottles. This handcrafted masterpiece combines the intrinsic beauty of wine with the natural richness of wood. Every aspect of this box is designed to convey sophistication and style. A superb way to gift or store your favourite wine.

Material: solid pine
Dimensions: 35x21,5x11 cm


Natural elegance: made of high-quality solid pine wood, each box is a unique work of art. The natural beauty of the wood blends perfectly with the aesthetics of the wine, creating an incredible display for your bottles.

Tailor-made capacity: Specially designed to accommodate two 0.75cl bottles, this box offers a perfect fit for our bottles, which will be held securely and away from unwanted bumps or movement.

Unmistakable style: Sophisticated design and detail-oriented craftsmanship combine to create an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. With this case, your wine will not just be a drink, but an elegant experience to share.

Price : 12.50 € (incl. 22% VAT)

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